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  1. nipa said:

    How can i change interest rate ..instead of having fixed values.i would like to select the rate or put a rate.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Nipa,
      Do you mean the visitor can select or enter an interest rate? Or do you want different interest rates for each amount/term?

  2. David said:

    How I can set the monthly interest and no annual ?

    • Graham said:

      You would need to change the calculation. If you can send me details of how you want the interest calculated and I’ll add the option to the plugin.

  3. Tommy said:

    Hi! Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 4.6? It shows currencies wrong and calculates strange. I really would like to use it, it´s perfect for my needs.


    • Graham said:

      Yes it is. What is wrong with the currencies and what is strange about the calculations?

      • Tommy said:

        Hi Graham,
        Please check your mail.
        Best regards

  4. Nicolás said:

    How to traslate the “Month” and “Year” Word into the Quick Interest Slider?

    • Graham said:

      I can add editable labels to the plugin settings. Give me until tomorrow to get this sorted.

  5. Katie said:

    Hi ! Thank you for your work, it’s great !
    I have a question. Is it possible to add a third column of rate interest ?

    Sorry if my english is bad.

    Have a nice day.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Katie,
      Yes, this is possible. Can’t do it right now but I should be able to sort it in the next few days for you.

      • Katie said:

        It’s a good news. I would be very grateful !

        • Katie said:

          Hi Graham ! How are you ?
          If you still can help me, the calculator would be for the new french website :
          Hope you will see this message.


      • Lee said:

        Hi Graham

        I could really do with having a 3rd column for interest for my website too.

        When would this option be ready to use?

        Many thanks


        • Graham said:


          Do you still want another interest column? If so let me know and I will send you the update to test.

    • Graham said:


      Do you still want another interest column? If so let me know and I will send you the update to test.

  6. Den said:

    Hi! Thanks for You plugin! It’s GREAT PLUGIN! My friend and I wish You Health, Love one’s business and next create GREAT things!!!! From Kazahstan, from Yura and DEN!!!
    A little bit Russian sign: Счастья, крепкого здоровья и много ярких эмоций!!!!

    • Graham said:

      Спасибо вам и привет из Англии!

      There is a new version on the way that is translation ready and with some new features. Would you like a beta copy to play with?

  7. Daki said:

    Good day Graham
    I am very thankful to have come across this plugin, it is my answer… thanks a lot 🙂
    How can I access the PRO version? and can I also add a button on the slider as on to take applicants to a registration form? create a form with a password?

    Have a great day further.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Daki,
      You access the pro version by clicking on the upgrade link on the ‘Application Form’ tab. You can add a button to the form by editing the qis_display function in quick-interest-slider.php.

      • Daki said:

        Hi Graham, I managed to access the Pro version and look forward to your continued support 🙂
        Keep well

  8. Peter said:

    Where is the payment page so I can pay the $10 for the upgrade? I’ve looked all over.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Peter,
      Click on the application form tab and you will see an upgrade link. And I’ve nearly got a new version ready with lots of new features for the pro version

  9. Lora Lee said:

    Hello can you customise a plugin similar to Comparison slider with filters or Barry, comparing currency exchange rates instead of bank loans?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Lora,
      This can be done. It’s also possible to use FX feeds to automatically update the exchange rate. To give you a quote I need details of what inputs and outputs you need. The sliders won’t need to change much but I need to know what you want in each comparison row. Can you send it over to graham at

  10. Stanislav said:

    Hi, can you help me to understand how to make a monthly payment to display?

    I have this, and all works well: (screenshot)

    And right of this field of total interest to pay i need to add amount to display: monthly interest…

    how to do this?: (screenshot of what i need)

    Thank you!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Stanislav,
      There isn’t a shortcode that gives you the interest for each week/month/year. It’s possible to do the calculations but it’s not a quick bit of coding. If you are able to contribute to the development I’ll create up the shortcode for you.

  11. joseph said:

    calculator keeps on telling me this (Your interest is RNaN every Weeks at 15%
    Total you will Pay: RNaN ) WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM?

    • Graham said:

      Can you send me a link to the page so I can take a look. It’s usually a configuration issue that causes the NaN (which means ‘not a number’)

  12. Philip van Vuuren said:


    I developed a website using WP and utilized your calculator slider. The website domain is:

    Legislation in South Africa governs the interest rate, initiation fee etc. My client Cashflowconnection requested me to make the below changes to the tool, but it seems we will have to ask you to customize it for us?

    Can you kindly have a look and provide us with a quotation and timeline how long it will take. It is an active business so it is quite urgent please.

    See client email to me below:

    Many thanks



    Hi Philip

    I need the loan calculator to be setup with the following below, so that I can be compliance with NCR.

    Initiation fee: R15 on every 100

    Monthly fee: R2.00 per day

    Interest rate:5% which is R1.67 per day

    Example: on a R1000 loan (over 15 days)

    Initiation fee: R150.00

    Monthly fee: R30.00

    Interest rate: R25.00

    Total repayment: R1205.00

    • Graham said:

      Hi Philip,

      The initiation fee can be managed using the ‘processing fee’ function. You just need to set this to 15%. The monthly fee is a bit more complicated but doable. I’ve sent you an email setting out how this can work.

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