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There are loads of settings to play with. Click on the images below for detailed instructions.

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Caveat: I sometimes change the admin pages so what you see when you activate the plugin may not be exactly what you see here.

  1. Rafki on 04 Apr 2022:

    I was testing the loan application form and I set it to avoid duplicates. I applied and now I tried applying again with the same email but it says “I have a pending application”. This response is fine but I have created the tracking page so I can see applications and process them but I can’t find the application I did. I have also checked my database to see if a table was created for it but I cannot find it. Please what can I do to see the applications

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    • Graham on 04 Apr 2022:

      What happens when you click on the Applications link in your dashboard? You should see all the current applications.

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  2. Alex on 03 Dec 2021:

    Hello and good day!

    I have my calculator all set up the only problem I’m seeing is that I can’t change the term period. I would like for it to be a repayment period of 5 years rather than 10. Is this possible or am I looking at the wrong setting?

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    • Graham on 03 Dec 2021:

      Hi Alex,
      I’ve just changed the settings and it saved correctly so not really sure what to suggest. Can you send me a screenshot of you settings page. My email address is mail at quick-plugins.com

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  3. Iulia Grajdanescu on 16 Nov 2021:

    Hello, Graham! I am interested in updating the plugin to PRO, as I would need to use multiple calculators on my clients website. They offer multiple loans, each have their own interest rates, maximum value and repayment period. I would need a couple different calculators, each with its own settings. Does the PRO plugin offer that? If yes, how many calculators can be used? Thank you, have a great day!

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    • Graham on 16 Nov 2021:

      Hi Iulia,
      You can have up to 25 totally independent calculators each with the their own settings, labels, sliders etc.

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  4. Noah on 25 Oct 2021:

    Hi, i recently purchased the plugin in for a project am working on and would like to know how i can set it up to calculate the interest, initiation and service fees same as the form on this website below;

    the max borrowing period in our case is 30 days for amounts 500 – 4000, what i cant figure out is how to setup the initiation fees and service fees to work as the one above since these are regulated here by law and hence are the same.

    we”ve done a bit of work on our form as you can see below just need assistance with the above.


    thanks in advance

    Reply to Noah

    • Graham on 25 Oct 2021:

      Hi Noah,
      How are the initiation and service fees calculated? The actual repayments are probably calculated using amortization. You need to get the upgrade if you want to use this interest type.

      It’s possible you will need a custom version of the plugin. The last time I did a calculator for a client in South Africa we had to do all sorts of complex calculations.

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  5. Santiago Ceballos on 11 Aug 2021:

    Hello, can you please help me with the installation and configuration of the plugin?

    It is that I have not been able and I thank you

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    • Graham on 11 Aug 2021:

      Hi Santiago,
      I’ve sent you an email

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  6. jesus eleazar on 01 Jul 2021:

    Hello graham, I already saw that complement that you showed me here
    And I already have it and it seemed to me that is what I am looking for but now my question is this complement works well, that is, those who request the same appear in the applications section to be able to approve or reject the credit?

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  7. jesus eleazar on 21 Jun 2021:

    hello recently I acquired your complement in pro, you have a space that says full application only that says that it is in development Graham that space is what I need how can I activate it and use it and not use the application form

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  8. Jae on 27 Apr 2021:

    I am using the slider and it seems to be calculated based on effective interest. Are there any ways to make it simple? The Interest Types selection on Interest Rates section doesn’t seems to work when I am using the slider.

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    • Graham on 27 Apr 2021:

      Hi Jae,
      Need to see the site to offer any help. I’ve just tested and it all seems to working correctly for me.

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  9. Fredrik karlsson on 23 Mar 2021:

    I wondering how to set up a loan calculator with dymatic input.
    like this example https://www.bilia.se/sok-bland-vara-bilar/volvo/v90/dzh549/

    I need a loan calculator for each car dymatic.
    Every car has diffrent value.

    Thank you

    Reply to Fredrik karlsson

  10. Reagan on 04 Oct 2019:

    We need our calculator to calculate interest on reducing balance method. how do we set it up. the interest rate is 12.5%

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    • Graham on 04 Oct 2019:

      Hi Reagan,
      You need to upgrade the plugin and use the amortisation option

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  11. Khairul on 27 Jul 2019:

    Loan Period : YEAR
    Rate : 5%
    Interest Type : SIMPLE
    Repayment Divider : 12 (monthly)

    Result for 10,000 amount over 10 years of tenure:
    Repayment = 1,042

    Supposedly = 125

    Please help to check.

    Reply to Khairul

    • Graham on 28 Jul 2019:

      Hi Khairul,
      The interest is calculated per period. You have set the repayment period to monthly which means interest is calculated: 10000 x 10 x (5 / 12) / 100 giving you a total interest of 416.6667. To get the figure you want the interest rate needs to be 1.5%

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  12. Jose A. Acevedo on 12 Jul 2019:

    Bars ín the slider are overlapping the numbers and cant fix it. What might be the problem? I can send a screenshot, if needed.

    Reply to Jose A. Acevedo

    • Graham on 12 Jul 2019:

      Hi Jose,
      Really need to see the site so I can inspect the code to see if there is a conflict with the theme or some other plugin

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  13. MARCOS on 03 Jul 2019:

    How much are we talking about?

    Reply to MARCOS

    • Graham on 03 Jul 2019:

      Just 30 of her Britannic Majesty’s English pounds.

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  14. Marcos on 02 Jul 2019:

    Hi Grahan

    Is there any way to send the content of the application form as GET variables to the redirected url?
    Something like this:
    Redirect to this URL after form submission: http://www.mysite.com.br/mypage?name=%5Bname%5D&email=%5Bemail%5D

    Reply to Marcos

    • Graham on 03 Jul 2019:

      Hi Marco,
      I’ve had a quick look at the code and it seems possible. There is quite a bit of work involved setting up the query (so the plugin can check which variables are passed) but I reckon I can do it in an hour if you can cover the development costs

      Reply to Graham

  15. Tibor Dallos on 23 Jun 2019:


    I would like to ask if I can create more calculators with the loan calculator and if so, how can I do it? I was currently able to create and format.



    Reply to Tibor Dallos

    • Graham on 23 Jun 2019:

      Hi Tibor,
      Upgrade to the pro version and you have have up to 5 different calculators.

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  16. Leonel on 21 Jun 2019:

    Hello. I’ve finished the calculator. everything seems fine. the problem is that I don’t receive the email with the notification. thanks

    Reply to Leonel

    • Graham on 21 Jun 2019:

      Check the autoresponder settings. To comply with privacy legislation there are checks to only send the notification if the applicant confirms their details. If this is all set correctly make sure your host is forwarding the email.

      Reply to Graham

  17. Pavel on 11 Jun 2019:

    Hello, I need help. The calculator counts badly. We want an annual interest rate of 7% and we want to display a monthly payment. Thank you for your help

    Reply to Pavel

    • Graham on 11 Jun 2019:

      What type of interest are you using? If it’s a repayment loan you may need to use amortisation.

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  18. nguyenvanhai249014@gmail.com on 31 May 2019:

    no upgrade to pro?

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    • Graham on 31 May 2019:

      Do you mean you have paid but the upgrade didn’t work or you want to upgrade?

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  19. Ashhad on 21 May 2019:

    Hey, the calculator is not working properly check, please

    Reply to Ashhad

    • Graham on 21 May 2019:

      You need to talk to the theme developers as they have modified the code and styling. I can’t fix it because it’s not my theme.

      Reply to Graham

  20. Gideon on 27 Apr 2019:

    Hi Graham, I tried your suggestion. It still does not reflect at all. I deleted the plugin from my server, but when I re-install all the setting are still there. Could you give me an email address to where I can send login details so you can maybe have a look?

    Reply to Gideon

    • Graham on 27 Apr 2019:

      Did you reset the sort as I suggested? I’ve sent you an email.

      Reply to Graham

    • Graham on 05 May 2019:

      This has now all be sorted. There was a bug that has now been fixed.

      Reply to Graham

  21. José Augusto Acevedo on 20 Apr 2019:

    For some reason, the slider/lines overlaps the numbers/calculation. I am providing the website link for you to review it. Thanks for your help.

    Reply to José Augusto Acevedo

  22. Gideon on 18 Apr 2019:

    Hi Graham,

    The downpayment box does not appear in the sorting section. I am moving the site to a dedicate server and then will re-install the plugin. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for your quick reply.

    Reply to Gideon

    • Graham on 18 Apr 2019:

      Check the ‘Reset Order’ box and save the settings. This should fix the bug.

      Reply to Graham

  23. Gideon on 18 Apr 2019:

    Hi Graham,
    An example of where the slider is to be displayed is https://www.fancycars.co.za/product/2016-bmw-m6/
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Reply to Gideon

    • Graham on 18 Apr 2019:

      I’ve done some testing and it all works fine for me. In the ‘Sorting’ section in the settings is the Downpayment box active or greyed out?

      Reply to Graham

      • Tom Roberts on 01 Sep 2020:


        I have this issue and the Downpayment box in the sorting section is greyed out. Everytime I try to add a downpayment option and save, it just resents and does not add the downpayment option. Is this a common issue?

        Reply to Tom Roberts

  24. Gideon on 17 Apr 2019:

    Hi Graham, great to see the updates to your already macnificent plugin. I am struggling to get the downpayment slider to apear. I completed the downpayments section. Cleared Cache etc. But it still does not apear at the frontend of the website. Do I need to use a different shortcode? Thanks again for your quick response time.

    Reply to Gideon

    • Graham on 17 Apr 2019:

      Hi Gideon,
      Can you send me a link to the page where the slider should display

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  25. Gideon on 05 Apr 2019:

    Hi, first allow me to congratulate you on a visually appealing plugin that certainly could work very well. I purchased the upgrade, but facing one or 2 small problems. Hope you can help? When I go to Full Application and uncheck certain fields, they still appear in the form. I cleared cache etc. Example, section 7, IBAN field is unchecked, but still shows up. Another problem I face is that the Proof of Residence and Proof of ID documents does not get sent in the email. Final problem is if the form gets abandoned the email is still sent, this will result in spam. Otherwise all good and looking forward to your reply. Currently the application form has been disabled as the website is live with many visitors. Thanks again.

    Reply to Gideon

    • Graham on 05 Apr 2019:

      Can you install this update, it should fix the IBAN form field: https://loanpaymentplugin.com/qis-update/

      I’ve tested the form and I get the documents so not sure how to fix this.

      If the form is abandoned no email is sent. The form only gets sent when they click to apply. Can you send the message that goes to your spam folder.

      Reply to Graham

  26. Stephane on 28 Mar 2019:

    Hello ,
    I have a problem with a message here :
    I do this in my parameters Output Options :
    Votre mensualité sera de [amount] /[period] hors assurance.
    Le coût de l’assurance dépend de l’âge des emprunteurs, de leurs états de santé ainsi que du montant total emprunté.
    Une étude de financement est nécessaire. Prenez rendez-vous.
    Durée du crédit : [term] Coût total des intérêts : [interest]

    I have a problem because the “Years” don’t appear in french like in parameters.
    I need :
    [period] -give-> mois
    [term] -give-> 20 années

    Is it possible ?
    Can you help me?


    Reply to Stephane

  27. Phil on 23 Nov 2018:

    Hi. I am struggling to set up the calculator to give the correct answer. I am using an interest type of Simple. Checking results for £10000 loan over 10 years at 5% APR should have total payable of £12727.86, which I can reproduce in one of your example calculators. Mine is giving me £15000 repayable. The APR checkbox doesn’t do anything to my figures, even though I use the term slider. What am I doing wrong?

    Reply to Phil

    • Graham on 23 Nov 2018:

      Is your term slider set to years? If so it means 5% is added to £10000 every year.

      £10000 x (1 + 0.05 x 10) = £10000 x 1.5 = £15000.

      Reply to Graham

  28. James on 19 Dec 2017:

    Thanks for getting back Graham, I’m not looking to get two forms on the same page. In a sense I need two seperate forms as the calculations or parameters will be slightly different. One form is for borrowers while the second is for investors. I hope that makes sense…Is this achievable?
    I’ve messed about with many forms today and this one is by far the best and exactly what the client is after.
    Cheers James

    Reply to James

    • Graham on 19 Dec 2017:

      There may be a way to customise the each application form but you have the perform the Rite of AshkEnte first. I will email you with details

      Reply to Graham

  29. james on 19 Dec 2017:

    Hello, is it possible to have multiple sliders and forms. I need two seperate, one for loan and another for invest. If I can achieve this then I’ll definately upgrade to pro.

    Reply to james

    • Graham on 19 Dec 2017:

      Hi James,

      Yes you can but you can’t have two application forms on the same page. The plugin won’t know which sliders to use for the application form.

      I might be able to change the code to allow two forms on the same page page but it’s not a simple upgrade so won’t happen overnight.

      Reply to Graham

  30. luke on 11 Jan 2017:

    Good day is it possible to change the fonts of the slider?

    Reply to luke

    • Graham on 11 Jan 2017:

      Hi Luke,

      The plugin doesn’t set any fonts, it uses your theme fonts. If you want to use a different font you just need to add it to your theme/CSS.

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