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Caveat: I sometimes change the admin pages so what you see when you activate the plugin may not be exactly what you see here.

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  1. James said:

    Thanks for getting back Graham, I’m not looking to get two forms on the same page. In a sense I need two seperate forms as the calculations or parameters will be slightly different. One form is for borrowers while the second is for investors. I hope that makes sense…Is this achievable?
    I’ve messed about with many forms today and this one is by far the best and exactly what the client is after.
    Cheers James

    • Graham said:

      There may be a way to customise the each application form but you have the perform the Rite of AshkEnte first. I will email you with details

  2. james said:

    Hello, is it possible to have multiple sliders and forms. I need two seperate, one for loan and another for invest. If I can achieve this then I’ll definately upgrade to pro.

    • Graham said:

      Hi James,

      Yes you can but you can’t have two application forms on the same page. The plugin won’t know which sliders to use for the application form.

      I might be able to change the code to allow two forms on the same page page but it’s not a simple upgrade so won’t happen overnight.

  3. luke said:

    Good day is it possible to change the fonts of the slider?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Luke,

      The plugin doesn’t set any fonts, it uses your theme fonts. If you want to use a different font you just need to add it to your theme/CSS.

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