A feature filled WordPress interest calculator

How to use the plugin

Getting Started

If you haven’t yet got the plugin Download from WordPress.

Use the shortcode [qis] to add a loan calculator to any page or post. Publish or update and that’s it. You now have the form on your site.

Changing the settings

  1. Go to Settings > Interest Calculator
  2. Change the settings so the sliders and outputs display the correct information. There is no filtering so take care.
  3. Click on Save Changes or Reset to restore the default settings.

You can also use a range of shortcodes to manage the settings. See all the shortcodes.

Click here for detailed instructions on all the settings.

Changing the Styles

  1. Go to Settings > Interest Calculator
  2. Click on the the Styles tab
  3. Change the styles so the sliders and outputs display the correct font sizes and colours.
  4. Click on Save Changes or Reset to restore the default settings.

Click here for detailed instructions on all the settings.

If you need other features, fill in the contact form on this page or in the comments below.

  1. Iulia Grajdanescu on 18 Nov 2021:

    Hello, Graham!

    I have a question regarding the plugin license for PRO.

    Is it a subscription type (ex. 45 dollars/ year) or you only pay once?

    Thank you, Have great day!

    Reply to Iulia Grajdanescu

    • Graham on 18 Nov 2021:

      It’s a onetime payment. I thought about doing a subscription but it’s just too much work. So I just up the price a bit every year or so.

      Reply to Graham

  2. Thirst on 26 Apr 2021:

    I got the plugin and upgraded to pro, but it’s still hasn’t. I payed through paypal but nothing is happening, any help?

    Reply to Thirst

    • Graham on 27 Apr 2021:

      Hi Thirst,
      When did you make the payment? Did you use this email address? I can’t see any record of payment for the plugin

      Reply to Graham

  3. Pete Lugton on 22 May 2020:

    Hi, I am looking to create quite a basic finance form, like this one… https://www.thehottubsuperstore.co.uk/hot-tub/evolution-6/#inline-window
    Is this something I can do using the plugin?


    Reply to Pete Lugton

    • Graham on 22 May 2020:

      Hi Pete,
      Sort of. It’s not really set up to work that way but it would be really easy to build you a custom version that does that. And sends the selected value to your finance form.

      Reply to Graham

  4. si hearn on 24 Jan 2020:

    Go on my facebook page equity release guru you will see it in operation there mate

    Reply to si hearn

    • Graham on 25 Jan 2020:

      I need a facebook account to do that. I don’t use facebook

      Reply to Graham

  5. Si Hearn on 24 Jan 2020:

    Hi mate i want to create a calculator for equity release i have built one using gravity forms and on many chat using google sheets and custom fields.
    calculations are worked out on how much some one can borrow using the homeowners youngest age and the estimated house values. I have a list of the rates before i upgraded i wanted to make sure that this will be possible by using two sliders. When the result is displayed i want to capture data like i am on gravity forms and on messenger. Can you help me out on the best way to do it?

    Reply to Si Hearn

    • Graham on 24 Jan 2020:

      Hi Si,
      It might be possible. I sort of need to see your calculator first to be sure. I can’t find it on your site.

      Reply to Graham

  6. Maria on 26 Nov 2019:

    What is the link to get the pro version of this plugin?

    Reply to Maria

    • Graham on 26 Nov 2019:

      Hi Maria,
      Go to the plugin settings and click on the Upgrade tab. Follow the onscreen instructions.

      Reply to Graham

  7. Marcelo on 17 May 2019:

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to calculate by factor. Ex: 48 months 60 months and 72 months values ​​from 1000 to 20000 in 48 months multiplied by the factor 0.02839 values ​​from 1000 to 20000 in 60 months by factor 0.03037 and in 72 months in
    by another factor. The goal is to get the amount to pay per month. Ex: 5000X0.02839 equals 141.95 per month.

    Reply to Marcelo

    • Graham on 17 May 2019:

      Hi Marcelo,
      You have the option to change the interest rate (factor) at set triggers on the the term or the amount.

      Reply to Graham

  8. Dexter on 10 May 2019:

    Hello please how much is the pro version of this plugin.

    Reply to Dexter

    • Graham on 10 May 2019:

      Hi Dexter,
      It’s $20 right now. The price will be going up to $30 next month

      Reply to Graham

  9. SARA MALIK on 09 Aug 2017:

    I have a loan company
    I want to use your extension to see which of the borrowers paid and when
    And what amount of debt he currently has
    Do you have such a possibility in the system?

    Reply to SARA MALIK

    • Graham on 09 Aug 2017:

      It’s only possible to do this is you are capturing the payment data. If they are paying directly into a bank account the plugin (or any other plugin) will have no way of knowing what was paid, when it was paid or how much is still owed.

      Reply to Graham

  10. Yordanka on 19 Jul 2017:

    Hi, is it possible to create two or three different forms to use it on the same website. I’m working on a client’s project and he will offer 3 different loan types, so I need 3 calc forms. Thank you in advance 🙂

    Reply to Yordanka

  11. shrutika on 30 Jun 2017:

    How to give proper width and height in ” Interest Calculator” plug-in. I’m not able to see the way it is mention in screenshot.

    Reply to shrutika

    • Graham on 30 Jun 2017:

      To change the width use the option in the plugin settings ‘styling’ tab. You can’t set the height as this will change depending on the output options and screen resolution. Can you give me a link to the plugin page so I can see what you have done.

      Reply to Graham

  12. Hugo on 07 Jun 2017:

    Hi, im interested in the responsive loan comparison slider you made for the swedish market. How do we proceed?

    Reply to Hugo

    • Graham on 08 Jun 2017:

      Hi Hugo,
      You tell me what changes you want making, we agree a price and I send you the plugin.

      Reply to Graham

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