A feature filled WordPress interest calculator



You can use a whole range of shortcode attributes to customized the form. This allows you to create multiple forms on your site. See all the shortcodes.

Application forms

Add an application form to the calculator. Find out more about the application form options. Or you can link the calculator to your own form.


Calculate repayments using both the US and European amortisation formula. Find out more about amortisation.


An option to add increase/decrease buttons to your sliders. Find out more about buttons.

Currency selectors

Display outputs in a range of selectable currencies. You can combine this with an FX calculator. Find out more about currencies.


Deduct a downpayment from the loan amount before calculating the interest and repayments. Find out more about downpayments.

Foreign Exchange

Offer your visitors the option to calculate the repayments in a different currency. Uses the European Central Bank exchange rates. Find out more about foreign exchange.

GDPR and Privacy

Options to make sure the loan applications are GDPR compliant. Find out more about GDPR options.

Interest Calculations

The plugins lets you calculate using fixed, simple, compound and amortisations interest. Find out more about interest calculations.

Interest Sliders

Add a third slider to the calculator so your visitors can see how much a loan will cost them at different rates. Find out more about interest sliders.

Interest Rate Selectors

An alternative to the interest rate sliders, this option adds a selector to the form to show the outputs for a range of fixed interest rates. Find out more about interest rate selectors.

Interest Rate Dropdown

An third way of displaying interest rates, this option adds a dropdown to the form. Find out more about interest rate dropdowns.

Loan Breakdown

A graphical display of the loan breakdown: downpayments, principle, interest and admin fees. Find out more about the loan breakdown.

Output Alignment

Display the outputs on the right of the slider. Find out more about output alignment.

Output Tables

Show the outputs as a table. Options to select and order the outputs you want to display. Find out more about output tables.

Processing fee

Add a processing fee to the loan amount. Option for fixed and percentage processing that can be applied before or after interest is calculated. Find out more about processing.

Term Buttons

Pro users have the option to display up to 4 buttons instead of slider. Find out how to use buttons.


A simple way to add additional information or help to the sliders and outputs. Displays a tooltip popup on click. Find out more about tooltips.