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Terms and Conditions

If you ask me for a new feature there are two ways it can go:

  1. I do it for free at some point then it become available for anybody to use
  2. You pay me and you get it in a few days with exclusive access

Either way you will get exactly what you ask for. If you change your mind or thing of something else we re-negotiate. This may or may not require payment.

Once the coding is done you will get access to a test site to do your testing. When you are happy I send you an invoice and once you have paid I send you the plugin.  You can do whatever you want with your plugin: you can sell it, rent it out or turn it into a log cabin. I don’t mind as it’s your plugin not mine.

Any other terms and condition we can sort out as we go along.


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The plugin is ideal for finance calculations, payday loans, fixed fee payments, regular payments, savings, comparisons, foreign exchange and pretty much anything else that gets calculated from a variable amount.

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