New Features

The following features will be included in the next update:

  • Add attachments to the loan application
  • Downpayment slider
  • Fixes application form settings bug
  • Switch and configure up to 6 different forms

Download the update

Get the latest stable version: Download from WordPress.

Need help? Ask here

  1. christy said:

    How do i make the form look like I bought it because of their form settings.

    • Graham said:

      You can do this in the theme customizer using the Additional CSS feature

  2. mike said:

    are you still available for custom work ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mike,
      Yes I am. What do you need doing?

  3. Nnamdi Wakwe said:

    How do I upgrade? Where do I pay?

    • Graham said:

      Got to the plugin settings and click on the ‘Upgrade’ tab.

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