New Features

The following features will be included in the next update:

  • Add attachments to the loan application
  • Downpayment slider
  • Fixes application form settings bug
  • Switch and configure up to 6 different forms
  • New form fields

Download the update

Get the latest stable version: Download from WordPress.

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  1. William gardner said:


    Great I can provide this no problem – where you I send to?

    It’s not a huge table.



  2. William gardner said:


    I’ve bought the pro version and may need some custom work unless it can already be done.

    I need to be able to calculate the interest rate based on Period (time) and Amount, rather than just Period or Amount.

    Can you let me know if this can be done either myself or by you. Happy to pay if needed.



    • Graham said:

      Hi William
      It’s possible in theory but it would need a look up table table to get all possible combinations of amount and term. If you can put together spreadsheet showing the rates for each amount and term then I can work out how to do the calculations.

  3. christy said:

    How do i make the form look like I bought it because of their form settings.

    • Graham said:

      You can do this in the theme customizer using the Additional CSS feature

  4. mike said:

    are you still available for custom work ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mike,
      Yes I am. What do you need doing?

  5. Nnamdi Wakwe said:

    How do I upgrade? Where do I pay?

    • Graham said:

      Got to the plugin settings and click on the ‘Upgrade’ tab.

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