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An awesome, feature filled, responsive, loan and interest calculator plugin for WordPress. Easy to use, clear and simple setup and just a single shortcode needed.

£10000 £30000
1 year 36 years
Your repayments will be every month at
Total you will Pay:

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What you see above is the pro version that includes the registration form and the amortization formula. There are many more variations you can play with.

Example Forms Download From WordPress

The plugin is ideal for finance calculations, payday loans, fixed fee payments, regular payments, savings, comparisons and pretty much anything else that gets calculated form a variable amount and term.

In the plugin settings you can:

Details of all the settings

Or you could commission something special to compare lenders. Just like this one for Comparia:

Or this funky calculator:

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If you use the plugin on your site tell me about it and I will add a link right here. I’ll even add you logo if you want.


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  1. ifeoluwa said:

    email do not get sent on the pro version

    • Graham said:

      What email doesn’t get sent? Do you mean the emails sent you complete an application? If so then maybe your email provider is blocking the messages. I’ve just tested the form and it’s all working for me.

  2. Gábor Kanyó said:

    Hey Graham!
    The upgrade for $10 is a monthly or yearly fee or one time payment?
    Please send me the answer in email!

    • Graham said:

      It’s a one off payment

  3. Kellee said:

    Can you have more than one calculator on your website? With different rates and payment schedules? Thanks!

    • Graham said:

      Hi Kellie,
      Yes you can. You can set everything with shortcodes

  4. john said:

    Your repayments are [amount] every [period] at [rate] I want seem to have an option to display the [period]. [amount ]
    and [rate] is showing now but [period] is not display how can i display the period on my frond end

    • Graham said:

      Hi John, you have discovered the secret bug, set there to trap the unwary. It’s been fixed but it’s not very useful and it’s grabs the plural. It’s easier to write in the period. But if you want the fixed version it’s here:

  5. Steve Lademann said:


    Great plug-in, keep up the good work! I’m currently preparing a website for a credit union and the loan calculator plug-in will be a great addition to assist our members in making decisions. I’ve upgraded to the PRO version as I need the amortisation feature.

    I’ve had to customise the code somewhat to enable output of equivalent APR as well as monthly interest, (it’s a UK requirement) and in the process found a couple of small issues which you may wish to know about. The first is in the quick-interest-slider.php file around line 119. I’ve included my updated version below.

    /* SL bug fix start */
    /* if ($atts[‘secondary’]) $settings[‘triggers’][1][‘rate’] = $atts[‘primary’];*/
    if ($atts[‘secondary’]) $settings[‘triggers’][1][‘rate’] = $atts[‘secondary’];
    /* SL bug fix end */

    Also, I found that a couple of shortcode attributes missing from the documentation (there may be more, but these were the two I am interested in!). They are ‘triggertype=termtrigger|amounttrigger’ and ‘amttrigger=’

    Hope this helps.

    • Graham said:

      Thanks Steve,
      I’ll add the bug fix and the shortcodes to the next update. If you want to send me your APR/monthly interest code I can add that as well.

  6. Steve Lademann said:

    Hi Graham

    You’re welcome to the code, but it is a bit of a hack and assumes that monthly simple interest is being used. It would need some more thought on your part to integrate it in so it plays well with all the other interest options!

    /* SL Start Mod */
    form.find(‘.interestrate’).text(Math.round(R[cR].rate*100)/100 + ‘% interest per month (‘ + Math.round((Math.pow(1+R[cR].rate/100,12)-1)*10000)/100+’% APR)’);
    /*SL End Mod */

    Hope this helps

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