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The plugin is translation ready. All you need to do is translate the words.

I like the Loco Translate plugin, it’s really easy to use and the translation takes effect immediately.

Once you have finished, send me the mo/po files and I will make sure they are included in the next update.

If you need help with setting things up send me a message.

  1. Osama on 15 Apr 2022:

    I am using porto theme which support Right to left (Arabic)
    how to change the short-code to have the direction right to left

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    • Graham on 16 Apr 2022:

      Hi Osama,

      There isn’t a shortcode to do this. It’s not something I’ve ever been asked before.

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  2. Angelcho on 04 Jun 2020:

    Hello, I’m using the plugin to a multilingual site . I did some translations and i created po and mo files, but when I change the language , the tables on the front end (back and too, but not important) are still onl y english language. Please tell me what m’I missing.
    Thanks in advance and good health 🙂

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    • Graham on 05 Jun 2020:

      It all depends on how your WP site is configured. You also need to make sure your profile language is changed (most people miss this one)

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  3. carlos on 13 Feb 2019:

    Traslation spanish??

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  4. daniel on 06 Aug 2018:

    Hi Graham, thanks for your anwer! I installed the pluging you mention, but what I need to translate are the labels of the amount and terms sliders, and those are not available to edit. Which file I have to edit to change those texts?

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    • Graham on 06 Aug 2018:

      You can edit the labels in the settings. I’ve also looked at the options file and the labels are included in the translation set. Can you send me a screenshot of the bits you need to change. My email address is mail at quick-plugins.com

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  5. daniel on 01 Aug 2018:

    Hello, I need to translate it to spanish. Exists a translation file for spanish allready?

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    • Graham on 02 Aug 2018:

      Hi Daniel,
      The PO file for for Spanish already exists. If you use this plugin you can finish off the translation: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/. Can you please send me the translated file once you have finished and I will uploaded it to the WordPress plugin repository.

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