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Loan Application Form

This is an example of the Loan Application Form. It’s a option on the Pro version of the plugin (only $35 so cheap as chips).

All the fields are active on this example. In the Application Form Settings you can select which ones you want, change the labels and even rearrange the order they display.

I want to borrow:
for this long:
Your repayments will be every month
Total you will Pay:

When someone completes the form you will get an email with all the form data. You also have the option to send them a personalised thank-you message and details of their application.

If you want to store their details there is a consent option. This is going to be quite important in Europe with GDRP and Privacy legislation now in force.

All applications are saved in the database and accessed from your dashboard by clicking on the ‘Applications’ link. If consent is not given after processing you have the option to delete individual applications or download the data as an email report.

You can also approve, edit or delete applications.

Progress Tracking

You now have the option to monitor how many people will in your form and update the status of applications. See here for more details.

  1. Jyotsana on 14 Jan 2021:

    Hi, I want to use loan application form for different product whren form fields are different from each other pls confirm how to use.

    I am having this plugin basis on pro loan comparision and tried it is nice.

    Example :

    Business Loan , Credit Card, Personal Loan, Home Loan all are having different documents so need to have separate forms for each product, how to create as no option found.

    Reply to Jyotsana

  2. Bos on 17 Dec 2019:

    Hello, I’m considering upgrading to the pro version simply because I saw that it’s possible to link the calculator to my own form.
    I’m using Gravity forms and wondering if your calculator could be linked with my Gravity form such that the loan amount, teneor (month) would reflect on my Gravity form.

    Reply to Bos

  3. Nwachukwu Ikechukwu on 09 Nov 2019:

    Is sking for paypal fund before upgrading. $35

    Reply to Nwachukwu Ikechukwu

    • Graham on 09 Nov 2019:

      Yes that’s correct. The upgrade costs $35

      Reply to Graham

  4. Nwachukwu Ikechukwu on 08 Nov 2019:

    Please I need this plugin for my project… Please

    Reply to Nwachukwu Ikechukwu

    • Graham on 08 Nov 2019:

      Upgrade the plugin and you will be able to use the application form

      Reply to Graham

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