Loan Application Form

This is an example of the Loan Application Form. It’s a option on the Pro version of the plugin (only $20 so cheap as chips).

All the fields are active on this example. In the Application Form Settings you can select which ones you want, change the labels and even rearrange the order they display.

£10000 £30000
1 year36 years
Your repayments will be every month
Total you will Pay:

When someone completes the form you will get an email with all the form data. You also have the option to send them a personalised thank-you message and details of their application.

If you want to store their details there is a consent option. This is going to be quite important in Europe with GDRP and Privacy legislation now in force.

All applications are saved in the database and accessed from your dashboard by clicking on the ‘Applications’ link. If consent is not given after processing you have the option to delete individual applications or download the data as an email report.

You can also approve, edit or delete applications.


A new feature coming soon is ability to upload attachments to the application form. Demo here.

The Full Monty

You can now have a full loan application form on your site. It comes in two parts: the initial lead generator (to capture their details) and then the loan application where you get all their financial details.

Test the two part application form

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