Bespoke Versions

There are some of the bespoke versions of the plugin I have built for clients

Clicking on the images will take you to a demo of the plugin. Note that the styling on each is editable but set to meet the client’s wishes. If you want your own version Contact Me.

Simple Loan Comparison

Variants of the same: Version 1 | Version 2 | Version 3 and the new Vertailu

Loan Comparison with Graphical Outputs

Short Term Loan Calculator

This version of the plugin was created for a client who wanted a short term loan repayment calculator. The idea is you chose the amount then select a day when you want the loan. You then have the option for a single repayment or installments where you chose when you can make the payments.

 Loan Repayment Calculator

You enter the parameters and the calculator will tell you how much your repayments will be daily, weekly or monthly.

Multiple Sliders

This one is for a telephony company who wanted a quote tool for their system:

Currency Converter

No sliders on this one. This version calculates how much you get from a range of providers:

Crowdfunding Fees Comparison

Let you calculate how much you would pay in fees on various crowdfunding sites:

If you want your own version or one of the above Contact Me.


Reply to Patrick

  1. Debo said:


    Please is it possible for me to have like 3 types of loans in one and with different percentage??

    I am looking to have like a kind of calculator where viewers can select the kind of loan they want and it gives them the repayment based on their choice(s)

  2. Patrick said:


    I’m just wondering how much would it cost if you could customize something like the online calculator found on this site:

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    • Graham said:

      Hi Patrick,
      I replied to your email

  3. Neil said:

    Hi there, I have a client who is looking for a simple “interest saved = $xxx ” type of calc. I’m unclear from your calcs on your site if any of them will do that. What I’m hoping to create is a landing page where a user can input what they are paying now, the term left on the loan, and what their interest rate is now. My client wants to be able to input the best rate he can get them (he’s a broker) and then have the calc tell them based on his rate, how much they could be saving. Is that possible with one of your calcs?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Neil,
      It’s not an option at the moment but I did build something similar for a real estate client some time back that did the same. Does your client want sliders or will users type in the numbers?

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