A feature filled WordPress interest calculator


All of the of the shortcodes listed below can be mix and matched. If you wanted groats for the currency with the label ‘Give me:’ for totals label just use [qis currency=groats outputtotallabel=Give me:]

Click here for the slider output shortcodes.

Shortcode Explanation
[qis] Standard slider (uses the default values)
[qis currency=$] The currency symbol
[qis primary=3] The initial interest rate. (3%)
[qis secondary=4] The alternate interest rate (4%)
[qis trigger=56] The term value where the interest switches from the primary to secondary rate
[qis percentages="3,4,5,6"] A percentage of the loan amount. Explanation and Example
[qis loanmin=1000] Sets the lower limit on the amount slider
[qis loanmax=2000] Sets the upper limit on the amount slider
[qis loanstep=50] Sets the step value on the amount slider
[qis loaninitial=1500] Sets the starting value on the amount slider
[qis periodslider=on] Display the term slider
[qis period=days] The term type: days, weeks, months or years
[qis periodmin=7] Sets the lower limit on the term slider
[qis periodmax=56] Sets the upper limit on the term slider
[qis periodstep=7] Sets the step period on the term slider
[qis periodinitial=28] Sets the initial period on the term slider
[qis interesttype=simple] Sets the interest type: fixed, simple or compound
[qis multiplier=12] Sets the ‘divider’ for a different output to the period term. See the plugin settings page for more information.
[qis processing=30%/$50] Set processing at 30% or $50
[qis outputrepayments=on] Show the amount to pay each period
[qis repaymentlabel= "Your repayments will be {amount} every 7 days"] Message for the amount to pay
[qis outputtotal=on] Show the total to pay
[qis outputtotallabel= "Total is: {total}"] Total to pay message
[qis textinputs=slider/text/both] Allow manual inputs to the amount and term
[qis markers=on] Show step markers on the sliders
[qis outputlimits=on] Show the slider limits
[qis usebubble=on] Show the slider outputs as a bubble
  1. Yvette Boye on 25 Jun 2023:


    What is the shortcode for minimum rate og maximum rate for the rate slider?

    Reply to Yvette Boye

    • Graham on 25 Jun 2023:

      There isn’t one. As you can now create 25 different calculators there is no longer a need for all the shortcodes.

      Reply to Graham

      • Yvette Boye on 26 Jun 2023:

        Noted, with thanks.

        Is trying to have a few calculators as possible so there is less to manage. Two questions:
        1/ Is there a shortcode to hide rate slider
        2/ Is there a shortcode to use only one rate on the calculator?

        Reply to Yvette Boye

        • Graham on 26 Jun 2023:

          Those shortcodes don’t exist. I can add them if you want but this won’t be a free fix.

          Reply to Graham

          • Yvette Boye on 26 Jun 2023:

            I see. Thanks. Could you send me and offer? How fast can it be done?

          • Graham on 26 Jun 2023:

            I’ve sent you an email. Could get it done today.

  2. Ralpheal Nduka on 01 Apr 2022:

    Hi Graham,
    Nice plugin please I am not a programmer of the sort but wish to take the values as calculated in the loan calculated in the loan calculator to the form I created using WP form plugins.
    please how can you help me with that

    Reply to Ralpheal Nduka

    • Graham on 01 Apr 2022:

      If you have upgraded to can add a button that redirects to your form. You will need to set up the URL query to pass the form data.

      Reply to Graham

  3. Onyema J on 14 Jun 2021:

    how do i show new applications on a different page using the shortcode? like when someone apply for the loan, i want it people to see the loan application on a custom page.

    Reply to Onyema J

    • Graham on 14 Jun 2021:

      That’s not really possible. The application form is built into the plugin. What you could do is use the option to send the applicant to an new page and use this application form or any other contact form plugin.

      Reply to Graham

  4. Kevin on 18 Jun 2020:

    How do I build a Loan Calculator like this one this https://www.icicibank.com/calculator/gold-loan-calculator.page

    Reply to Kevin

    • Graham on 19 Jun 2020:

      Hi Kevin,
      You pay someone to build it for you. Or you learn how to do a shed load of JavaScript. It’s not actually a very good calculator, there are better ways to do this. Do you want a quote for the work?

      Reply to Graham

      • Matt Ogle on 28 Sep 2020:

        Can you contact me about building a calculator for me? I have an example that you can base the calculator on.

        Reply to Matt Ogle

  5. Bernie on 09 Mar 2020:

    Hi Graham

    I installed the plugin, really want to buy the pro but do see this error : “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxxx/wp-content/plugins/quick-interest-slider/settings.php on line 240 ” in the Settings tab just above ‘Form Selection’ .


    Reply to Bernie

  6. Brad McQueen on 04 Mar 2020:

    Unfortunately not, They don’t change at all, they remain the same. Would this custom CCS cause an issue?
    #qis_1 .qis-sections.qis-float {
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 450px;
    #qis_1 .qis-repayments {
    position: absolute;
    top: 100px;
    right: 40px;
    max-width: 400px;

    Reply to Brad McQueen

  7. Brad McQueen on 04 Mar 2020:

    Hi Graham,

    It makes no change my end. it defaults to £10500 at 36 months. Even when I change the initial setting in the setting in WP dashboard, it makes no change? Is it something I’m doing wrong with the shortcodes?

    Reply to Brad McQueen

    • Graham on 04 Mar 2020:

      I have no idea why this isn’t working for you. If you set the initial values in the plugin settings do the sliders display correctly?

      Reply to Graham

  8. Brad McQueen on 03 Mar 2020:

    I would like to set the Initial Term to 60months and Initial loan amount to 12,000. When I use the shortcode [qis periodinitial=60] and [qis loaninitial=1500] Nothing changes. The Url of the calculator is http://www.tailormadecarfinance.com.


    Reply to Brad McQueen

    • Graham on 03 Mar 2020:

      Hi Brad,
      I’ve just tested this and it works for me. So not sure why you are having problems. Can you try setting min and max values as well and see what happens.

      Reply to Graham

  9. Gary on 23 Sep 2019:

    Hey Graham,

    Is it possible to add in cost per 1000 instead of using the interest rate to calculate loan cost?

    I have a customer who wants to calculate based on this option instead.


    Reply to Gary

    • Graham on 23 Sep 2019:

      Hi Gary,
      Not really. It’s all possible in theory but it would take a lot of work to make it happen. It would be far cheaper and quicker for the client to get a custom version that does the calculations they way they want. I did similar here: http://moneyhelp.loanpaymentplugin.com/

      Reply to Graham

  10. Reads Mutale on 13 Sep 2019:

    Hi how do i create the page for the application form, i dont want the application form to be displayed on the homepage, when a client clicks on apply now, i want the application to come on a different page not the homepage.

    Reply to Reads Mutale

    • Graham on 14 Sep 2019:

      Hi Reads,
      You can’t do this. If you want a separate application form you can use the ‘Apply Now’ button and redirect to a new page where you can build your own form. Or you can pay me to build you a custom version with an independent application form.

      Reply to Graham

  11. Anuj Dhiman on 03 Aug 2019:

    How to show calculator in our website page please help

    Reply to Anuj Dhiman

    • Graham on 03 Aug 2019:

      Hi Anuj,
      The shortcode is shown on the settings page. Just add [qis] to any page or post and the calculator will display.

      Reply to Graham

  12. Michael on 25 Jul 2019:

    I need two different calculations in one page; i’m try with shortcuts [qis period=days], [qis period=weeks] but not works for me.
    I paid for upgrade.
    Help me, please.

    Reply to Michael

    • Graham on 25 Jul 2019:

      Doesn’t really work the way you want. You can create up to 6 different form in the settings. Use on for days and the seconds for months.

      Reply to Graham

  13. bani on 08 May 2019:

    I want to use 2 different calculator for private and for business loan. So i want to have 2 different apply forms. If the client clicks on the private loan calculator “apply now” it should show another form and at the business loan calculator it should another form. how can i do that?

    Reply to bani

    • Graham on 09 May 2019:

      Hi Bani,

      Pay for the upgrade and you can set up different calculators and forms.

      Reply to Graham

  14. bani on 10 Apr 2019:

    how can i add different form links for different calculators?

    Reply to bani

    • Graham on 10 Apr 2019:

      Hi bani,
      If you mean the shortcodes, do it like this: [qis calculator=two]

      Reply to Graham

  15. Bhanu on 24 Mar 2019:

    Please see: http://www.suvidhanidhi.com/testing-calc/
    Here I have added two calculators. In both, period is in month and interest rate is also monthly.

    The difference is, In first I have used “simple interest”, While in second I have used “amortization”.

    You see, in second case, calculations for interest, amount due and repayment are not showing correct.

    Further, I don’t see any option to change “slider label” for each calculator. In settings, if I change slider label it changes for both calculator.


    Reply to Bhanu

    • Graham on 24 Mar 2019:

      Amortisation uses APR not monthly interest rates.

      In the settings, did you select a different form (you can have 6 different calculators)? There is no need to use shortcodes.

      Reply to Graham

  16. Bhanu on 24 Mar 2019:

    HI Graham,
    I have upgraded now. I have now got how to use different calculator on different using shortcodes. But I still have few issues. Each calculator takes basic settings from main setting age. I want different option for each calculator. For example:
    1. I need different Slider Label for each calculator. But it takes same label from global setting.
    2. I am facing problem with amortization. Amortization does’t seem to be working for a period less than 1 year. I have requirement to give loan for 6 months, 9 months etc. But when I put it in setting it doesn’t give correct result in amortizaton type interest. Simple interest works fine.
    3. Is there any shortcode for interest slider? I need different interest rate slider range for different calculator.

    Thanks for help.

    Reply to Bhanu

    • Graham on 24 Mar 2019:

      1. If you look at the settings for each calculator you can change the labels.
      2. I’ve just tested the calculator and the results for 6 months are accurate so not sure how you have set things up.
      3. Just use the settings.

      Reply to Graham

  17. Bhanu on 23 Mar 2019:

    Great I loved the calculator. I have loan portal. How can use different calculator for different page? each one should be customizable independently.


    Reply to Bhanu

    • Graham on 23 Mar 2019:

      Hi Bhanu,
      Pay for the upgrade and you can set up different calculators for each page.

      Reply to Graham

  18. Jose A Acevedo Rodriguez on 09 Feb 2019:

    Hi Graham
    Is it possible to change the form to spanish?

    Reply to Jose A Acevedo Rodriguez

  19. James on 30 Nov 2018:


    I need to change the size of the bubble text using shortcodes and also to remove or change the styling on that bubble. Do you have shortcodes for styling?

    Reply to James

    • Graham on 30 Nov 2018:

      Can’t do this with shortcodes but you can use your theme customizer to write some additional CSS. The class you need is .rangeslider__value-bubble

      Reply to Graham

  20. Gnanavel on 24 Oct 2018:

    I want to calculate total interest per month. How can I calculate?
    Any shortcode is there?

    Please help with this?

    Reply to Gnanavel

    • Graham on 24 Oct 2018:

      It’s possible to do this but a lot depends on what type of interest you are calculating. For example if it’s compound interest the interest amount will be different each month.

      But I can add a [monthlyinterest] shortcode for you. This will simply divide the interest by 12. Will this be OK?

      Reply to Graham

  21. César on 09 Oct 2018:

    I’m interested in purchase the pro version of the Loan Calculator Plugin for the development of a web of loan credits that I’m doing.

    But first I need to ask you a question to see if it may be possible to do what I try.

    It’s about being able to establish several tabs (with WPBakery for example), in which I will insert a loan calculator with different maximum limits. That is, in the first credit tab the limit will be 300 €, in the second of 400 € and in the third of 500 €.

    I also wanted to consult you if I can establish a term section of 10, 15, 20 and 30 days, since when I put steps from 5 to 5, the return of 25 days does not interest me.

    Tell me if this is possible to be able to purchase the plugin!
    Thank you!

    Reply to César

    • Graham on 09 Oct 2018:

      Hi César,
      You can’t do what you want with that version of the plugin but I can add those settings if you want. It shouldn’t cost too much – only a few hours work. You would be able to have up to 10 different tables with custom amount and term settings on each. A bit like this demo: http://roger.loanpaymentplugin.com/

      Reply to Graham

  22. Richie on 17 Jun 2018:

    Hi, can it be used without an interest rate of zero or just no interest charged at all? thx

    Reply to Richie

    • Graham on 17 Jun 2018:

      Hi Richie,
      Setting zero percent interest results in all sorts of errors – mainly because 0 is not a number and JavaScript needs a number to do the calculations.

      Reply to Graham

  23. Daniel on 30 May 2018:

    Hmm… I been studied the plugin a bit better. I like to have your “norweigan version” (layout) except anything about age, but with the same sliders like on the repayment calculator + checkboxes for:

    – No credit reports
    – Non-interest
    – Weekend Payout
    – Accepting record of non-payments

    But in Swedish… (not norwegian)

    How much for such solution?

    Can we connect by email instead?

    Reply to Daniel

  24. Daniel on 30 May 2018:

    Oh wait… hold on. I noticed you got a “Swedish” version of the plugin. I’m from Sweden and my site is for the Swedish market. However, it’s a bit misleading since the images is of the “Swedish” plugin is actually in Norwegian. However, I like those customization’s. Could I easily translate this text to Swedish? I this version better than the original layout. It seems to fit me better… Is the pricing the same or similar to the current plugin I bought?

    Reply to Daniel

  25. Daniel on 30 May 2018:

    That is EXACTLY what I thought the plugin I bought was like. My mistake… So, I can’t just swap license? So, if else. How can I buy it and how much?

    Reply to Daniel

  26. Daniel on 30 May 2018:

    Hello, I just bought the premium version…. I think I misunderstood how it worked like. I seen a different site (a competitor) with a similar “calculator”, or actually filters. He is like me an affiliate, so the calculator is acting like a search filter. I.e. if the sliders is set to 200 USD and 6 months, he got affiliate banners (with descriptions he been writing), so when then the loan companies that are offering loans of lets say 1000 – 25000 USD get visible only if the calculator is set to that. If not the others disapear. He also got search boxes where filters like “without credit report” or similar. How could I accomplish that? I been setting up your plugin, and I’m very satisfied with the “look and feel”, could I extend the functionality, or accomplish this somehow?

    Reply to Daniel

  27. Jim on 21 May 2018:

    Hi Graham,
    It seems the inline styling I was using to hide the unused 2 charts was disabling them somehow to have applied a display none via jquery which works. Ty for your reply!

    Reply to Jim

  28. Jim on 21 May 2018:

    Just a quick query regarding multiple short codes on one page:
    I have used [qis], [qis primary=8.9] and [qis primary=14.9].
    They all display ok, but only the first slider works.
    What do I need to do to get the other two sliders to slide?
    Many thanks!

    Reply to Jim

  29. Romain on 17 May 2018:


    Your link is the same as the previous answer, and their is no file to download. I gess it’s a mistake.

    Reply to Romain

  30. Romain on 17 May 2018:

    Hi Graham !

    Thank’s for that nice plug-in, worked perfectly from a couple of months !

    I just have a probleme since the last update. When I try to “save changes”, it looks like it’s working but in reality, nothing change and the text in the “repayment terms” and “total below slider” is the same as before. Plus, I can’t uncheck this two field.

    Good news, at the top of the setting page it says :

    > Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/1/…….. /clickandbuilds/…… /wp-content/plugins/quick-interest-slider/settings.php on line 188

    Bad news, I’m absolutly not a dev and I don’t know what it means. Do you have any ideas ? I check on the script “setting.php” here’s what i founded on line 188 :

    188. if (isset($_POST[‘usebubble’])) {

    Reset the settings > I tried, it does’nt worked
    Delete and download again the plug in > I tried, it does’nt worked
    Check line 188 of the Settings.php > I tried, but did not understand it
    Asking for help > Here i am !

    Thank’s for reading it !


    Reply to Romain

  31. Tony on 17 May 2018:

    is it possible to connect your plugin with API key to IS?
    Is it possible to add button of “I want the loan” which will be connected with calculator and contact form?
    Is it possible to add additional fields with table on the side of the calculator? Such as https://www.silverside.sk/rozumna-pozicka/

    Thanks a lot

    Reply to Tony

    • Graham on 17 May 2018:

      Hi Tony,
      Everything is possible!
      What is IS?
      The plugin already has an application form: https://loanpaymentplugin.com/loan-application-form/ Or you can add an application button that connects to your own contact form.
      That can all be managed with some CSS but if you want me to code this for you there will be a fee.

      Reply to Graham

  32. Jason on 24 Apr 2018:

    Hi Graham,
    Great work on the calculator. A few questions:

    1. How can I add more form fields to the application form?
    2. The copy message field that’s suppose to send the borrower an email with their application is not working for me during testing – is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?
    3. When will the “full application” be released?

    Reply to Jason

    • Graham on 24 Apr 2018:

      1. You can’t. There is a lot of complex code hiding behind the form. But if you need more fields I can add them for you
      2. This should be fixed in the latest update
      3. Once enough people have tested the form to make sure everything is working.

      If you want to have a play with the latest version it’s here: https://loanpaymentplugin.com/qis-update/ There are loads of new features and bug fixes.

      Reply to Graham

      • Jason on 26 Apr 2018:

        Thanks for the info – much appreciated!

        Is there an email address I can reach you at to discuss custom work? Or feel free to reach out to me via email to discuss.

        Reply to Jason

  33. Patoary on 09 Mar 2018:

    I am working to build a website where a customer can compare all banks deposit rate and loan rate.
    they can input the desired amount and term then they can see which bank is providing what interest rate and amount for different terms like 3Months, 6Months or 12Months. In terms of Loan they can input desired amount and term then they can see the interest rate and interst amount for each bank separately for differnt terms like 5yeaars 10years 20years. please note each bank have separate rate for separate terms.
    Can you please give me suggetions how i can use your plugin for above mentioned works. i have installed free version in wordpress. please give me suggestions.

    Reply to Patoary

    • Graham on 09 Mar 2018:

      I’ve sent you an email Patory. If you want a calculator with those outputs you would need a custom build.

      Reply to Graham

  34. Imran Uddin on 09 Feb 2018:

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the help on the header.

    Just have another question, how do I use 2 different formula’s say simple and fixed?

    This is a calcuator I created – https://www.thelenderslist.co.uk/__trashed/

    As you can see one calculates a 30 days loan but the other I need to calculate based over 12 months but there are no short codes to change this.

    Any help would be great

    Reply to Imran Uddin

    • Graham on 09 Feb 2018:

      You can use the shortcode [qis interesttype=simple]

      I need to add the new shortcodes to the page. I’ve been adding all sorts of things as a result of requests and it’s all got a bit out of hand.

      Reply to Graham

  35. Imran Uddin on 08 Feb 2018:

    Thanks for the reply, just one more question how do we change the heading for each different calculator we make? I can’t seem to find the short code for this.



    Reply to Imran Uddin

  36. Imran on 07 Feb 2018:


    Just bought the plugin, just wanted to know how we put in formula’s and calculations manually instead of the ones on the plugin

    Reply to Imran

    • Graham on 07 Feb 2018:

      Hi Imran,
      You need to edit the slider.js file if you want to change the formula. You can’t really add your own because of all the calculation that take place in the JS.

      Reply to Graham

  37. Imran Uddin on 29 Jan 2018:


    Thanks for your help manage to make different sliders for different pages, but how do I change the formula for each page? for example I have about 12 partners all with different APR’s so the calculation and results will be different if you could let me know would be great

    Also do you have rough costs of how much you charge for making full comparison tables

    Reply to Imran Uddin

    • Graham on 29 Jan 2018:

      Really not sure you can achieve what you want with the standard plugin. If the example comparison plugin is close to what you want then we can sort something out. If you need something completely different then it can cost a lot more. Send me details of what you want and I’ll put a quote together. My email is graham at aerin.co.uk

      Reply to Graham

  38. Imran on 29 Jan 2018:

    How do I use a different slider for individual pages?

    For example not ever loan lender uses the same formula so I need a different slider on each loan lenders page


    Reply to Imran

    • Graham on 29 Jan 2018:

      Hi Imran,
      Just create a new slider for each page. You can set all the parameters in the shortcode list above. If there are any missing let me know and I’ll add them.

      Or maybe you need a comparison table like this one

      Reply to Graham

  39. joseph on 23 Jan 2018:

    Good day what is short code to calculate output option for weekly compounding interest of 15% weekly and on display total amount? i cant figure it out

    Reply to joseph

    • Graham on 24 Jan 2018:

      Hi Joseph,
      I’m not sure there is a shortcode for all that. But try this: [qis primary=15 period=weeks outputtotal=on outputtotallabel= "Total is: {total}"]

      Reply to Graham

  40. Leo on 11 Dec 2017:

    Hi! I need tho show some information in the Repayment Terms, something like this:
    “You get [shortcode to show the total amount asked] and you pay [shortcode for total period asked, like 12 months] of [shortcode for the monthly payment]
    “You get [$10000] and you pay [12 months] of [$ 1000]”
    Am I clear?

    Reply to Leo

    • Graham on 11 Dec 2017:

      Hi Leo,
      I’ve done part of your request for someone. They just paid for me to add an amount shortcode. Are you using the pro version?

      Reply to Graham

  41. Mario on 17 Nov 2017:

    Awesome, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    Reply to Mario

  42. Mario on 17 Nov 2017:

    Hello, i purchase your plugin. But how can I see the monthly payments.
    I would like 1000$ for 1 year, total 1040$. And then I would like see the monthly payments with 86,66$.

    Reply to Mario

    • Graham on 17 Nov 2017:

      Hi Mario.
      Use the ‘Repayment Divider’ option. If you enter ’12’ in the box it will divide the total into monthly payments

      Reply to Graham

  43. Afiq on 15 Nov 2017:

    can u develop 1 for me? and how much will u charged?

    Reply to Afiq

    • Graham on 15 Nov 2017:

      Hi Afiq,
      It all depends on what you want. I’ve built versions for $100 all the way up to $1200

      Reply to Graham

  44. afiq on 12 Nov 2017:

    hi.. is there any function to add slider for the interest rate

    Reply to afiq

  45. Emory Peterson on 23 Oct 2017:

    I need a shortcode to add the amount being borrowed (whatever the slider is on), IE if the slider is at 10,000, something like [amount borrowed] would display 10,000 etc.

    I just purchased the premium version and it would certainly help.

    Reply to Emory Peterson

    • Graham on 24 Oct 2017:

      Hi Emory,

      Do you mean a shortcode in the output message? If so this should be possible. I’ll have a play later for you.

      Reply to Graham

  46. first nationdrives on 28 Sep 2017:

    hello Just upgraded your plugin
    the closest thing I found to what Im trying to accomplish now as this

    im also cant seem to be able to put the form on my site as a shortcode .. I get errors

    Reply to first nationdrives

    • Graham on 29 Sep 2017:

      I just filled in the form and it works for me. It didn’t scroll down to the thank you message as it should but I can fix that bug

      Reply to Graham

  47. Matt on 27 Sep 2017:

    Love it! Just bought the Pro Version. I would like to display multiple term options below the Result :

    Payments = $234 / month
    other options:
    2 years = x / month
    3 years = x / month
    4 years = x / month
    5 years = x / month

    (and show these results in the email autoresponder too)
    Is it possible?

    Reply to Matt

    • Graham on 27 Sep 2017:

      Hi Matt,
      Glad you like the plugin

      Everything is possible but to calculate and display the results you want needs a whole chunk of new code. What I usually do is build bespoke versions for clients with the exact inputs and output they want. This sort of thing: http://harold.loanpaymentplugin.com/

      Reply to Graham

  48. Johan on 22 Jun 2017:

    The primary= shortcode does not appear to have any effect. I have tried variations like primary=5, primary=”5″, primary=’5′, primary=5%, primary=”5%” etc. etc. nothing works.

    The multiplier= does appear to be working now.

    Here is an example of the calculation I am trying to achieve but I just cant get it to work using your shortcodes only, and not the global settings.
    Month 1 – Borrow $200 @ 0.5% x 30 days = a $30 Charge. Total to Pay Back $230
    Month 2 – Borrow $200 @ 0.5% x 60 days = a $60 Charge. Total to Pay Back $260
    Month 3 – Borrow $200 @ 0.5% x 90 days = a $90 Charge. Total to Pay Back $290 ($96.67 per month x 3 months)

    Reply to Johan

  49. Johan on 21 Jun 2017:

    multiplier=12 and primary= do not seem to have any change or effect. Only the global rules are applied.

    Reply to Johan

  50. Johan on 21 Jun 2017:

    Hi, Don’t need to change the processing fee or anything, I just need to be able to set the divider with the shortcode instead of globally.

    Reply to Johan

    • Graham on 21 Jun 2017:

      [qis multiplier=12] should fix it for you. I’ve added this to the shortcode page

      Reply to Graham

  51. Johan on 13 Jun 2017:

    Is there a shortcode to set the divider?
    I have 2 sliders:
    1. http://lgmicro.webtestsite.co.za/ which calculates correctly now.
    2. http://lgmicro.webtestsite.co.za/3-month-flexi-loan/ which does not because it uses the global divider setting. I need to get it to add a $15 charge to every month instead of showing the daily charges)

    Reply to Johan

    • Graham on 13 Jun 2017:

      Not sure how to fix the processing charge. You can use the new ‘processing’ shortcode with lets you set the fixed amount or percentage. Maybe you can use this to do the calculations.

      I might be able to to something that calculates the processing fee based on the repayment period but it will be a while as I’m a bit busy at the moment.

      Reply to Graham

  52. Azeem on 11 Jun 2017:

    This is a great plugin. But I just encountered a slight problem. I updated the plugin as it asked me to do so and am using WP 4.8. After updating the plugin the plugin is not showing any values when you move the pointers on the bars.

    I am using;
    Your monthly repayment is: [amount] and
    Total you will Pay: [total]

    It is not displaying any values… Please help!

    Reply to Azeem

    • Graham on 11 Jun 2017:

      Try refreshing the page Azeem. If that doesn’t work, send me a link to the page to I can take a look Also try using [repayment] insteasd of [amount].

      Reply to Graham

  53. Alex on 24 Mar 2017:

    Hi there, great plugin! is there any way to add markers on the slider showing the step amount values? Thanks in advance

    Reply to Alex

    • Graham on 24 Mar 2017:

      That shouldn’t be too difficult. Let me have a play and see what happens. Are you using the pro version?

      Reply to Graham

      • Alex on 24 Mar 2017:

        Thanks!! hmm…to be absolutely honest with you I didnt even know there is a pro version. Just found your plugin via search and here I am 🙂

        Reply to Alex

        • Graham on 20 Apr 2017:

          I’ve just sent you an email with a link to download the update for testing

          Reply to Graham

      • Alex on 27 Mar 2017:

        I would be happy to get the pro version if i knew where to get it. Please let me know if you managed to find a solution to adding the markers, I would be happy to pay for the custom adjustment. Big thanks in advance

        Reply to Alex

  54. Banks on 14 Mar 2017:

    Please can you also send the updated version to segebanks@yahoo.co.uk

    This is a GREAT PLUGIN

    Reply to Banks

  55. Gary on 03 Jan 2017:

    How to display the output amount with the decimal. For exampe: you pay $85.45 instead of just $85.

    Reply to Gary

    • Graham on 04 Jan 2017:

      I thought I had fixed this in the last update. I will send you the version I have for you to test.

      Reply to Graham

  56. Herbert on 25 Dec 2016:

    Merry Christmas for you good work .

    thanks for the suggestion I wanted to us the period of 12months and repayment to be monthly.
    I use the divider it was not calculating the right monthly repayment plan.
    all I would like to express is
    The total money borrowed and the monthly repayment to be in a single line. just like : http://www.zedvance.com.
    I love your job. I hope it will bring good wealth to you regarding the upgrade.
    Thanks once again .Merry Christmas

    Reply to Herbert

    • Graham on 26 Dec 2016:

      I need to see the website so I can see the calculations. But I can add a shortcode so you can add the total amount to the repayment message I will email you a copy of the update once it’s done.

      Reply to Graham

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