Application Form Settings

The application form is a pro option. If enabled a button displays below the sliders. If clicked the application form opens up for the visitor to complete and submit.

To change the form go to Settings > Interest Calculator > Application Form

Form Settings

To display a registration form on your site check the enable box

If you want to receive application emails fill in your email address. If there is no address the emails will be sent to the site administrators

The form title displays as a button. When clicked the form displays on the page.

The form blurb is what appears above the form fields. If you don’t need it leave it blank.

The submit button appears below the form. When clicked the form data is sent to you and stored in the database. To access the data click the ‘Applications’ link in your dashboard.

Form Fields

If you want to use a field check the box and drag and drop to change the order. Change the labels if you want.

The terms and condition checkbox appears below the form fields.


These messages appear on the screen after submission or if there is an error.

Form Styles

The registration form will be the same width as the sliders. The colours and sizes are as described above.

The buttons are the Apply Now and Submission buttons.

The input fields are where the visitor has to fill in something.

The other text content is everything else (the words on the form).

The error message colour is an indicator where some action needs to be take to finish submission.

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  1. Reagan Mutale said:

    How much can it cost to have the form take a client to a different url or page

    • Graham said:

      Not sure, probably a couple of hours: £60.


      The theme is the problem. I don’t know what modifications they have done. I suggest you talk to the theme developers first.

  2. Reagan Mutale said:

    How do I insert a url to have the form appear on a different page? I want the form to appear on a different page once one clicks on the apply button.

    • Graham said:

      You can’t. The application form is built into the calculator. If you want this feature I can quote for doing the work. The alternative is to use the ‘Apply Now Button’ on the settings page and link to an application form. There are a number of contact form plugins you can use for this. However the theme you are using has modified my plugin so I don’t know if this will work correctly.

  3. Okara Chidera said:

    there are some things I want to find out about this loan application:
    1)Is there a short code for the application form so that only the form can be put on a different page
    2) Is it possible to add new fields to the application form ?

    • Graham said:

      1. The application form is integral to the calculator. If you want it on a different page you need a custom version of the plugin.
      2. Yes, if you pay me or another developer to add them.

  4. Ronald said:

    How do I insert a shortcode to have the form appear on a different page? I want the form to appear on a different page once one clicks on the apply button.

  5. Jay said:

    Is it possible to edit field name and also add more fields?

    • Graham said:

      Not easily. It’s why I built the full application form – so you can have all the fields you want. However, what new fields do you need?

  6. xyzo1203 said:

    I would like to know this as well. I understand that a URL is needed but I would like to know what is the URL after enabling the form on the Settings. Thanks a lot

    • Graham said:

      I’m not sure what you mean by the URL. The both parts of the application form display on the same page. Part two replaces part one when you submit the form.

  7. olatech101 said:

    Hi Graham,

    Can you pls show me how to configure the Interest rate secondary and primary are working perfectly but i have more that two Interest rate that am using


    • Graham said:

      The shortcodes only support primary and secondary interest rates. If you need more you have to use the plugin settings. This allows you to set up to 7 rates on the slider.

  8. olatech101 said:

    Hi Support

    I want the short link or advice to make my form to redirect to new tab after submission and show them result of what the user input instead of loading it in the same page

    • Graham said:

      It’s not possible to do this in the way you want without a new function. We could send the application reference number a URL query and then build a shortcode function to display the application data for that reference. If you want me to quote for the work send an email to graham at

  9. Lasse said:

    I mean, is there a shortcode for adding the application form on a new page, I know I have to add the link.

    • Graham said:

      I’m a bit confused Lasse, I filled in the form on your website and it processed and I saw the thank-you message. So it all seems to be working

  10. Lasse said:

    I cannot get it to work.
    I have inserted the calculator, but when I press apply, it only reloads the page. How do I get it to show the actual application form?

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