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Tooltips – Online Help

People sometimes need a bit of help understanding what the sliders and various outputs mean.

One way to do this is adding a label to the sliders. Another way is to add a help button and a tooltip. Just like this example. Click on the little blue i to see the tooltip.

I want to borrow this much:
And pay it back over this period:
Your repayments will be every month at
This is a test to demonstrate the tooltip for the output
Total you will Pay:

This a pro-version option.

  1. Stephen Wayoe Jnr on 02 Aug 2022:

    Please I need a sample for my website to my viewers.

    Reply to Stephen Wayoe Jnr

    • Graham on 02 Aug 2022:

      Hi Stephen,

      Not sure what you mean. A sample of what?

      Reply to Graham

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