GDPR and Privacy Settings

The plugin has a number of GDPR and privacy compliancy features. This page explains what they do and how to use them.

Note: these feature only apply to the application form. If you aren’t using the application form then you don’t need to worry about GDPR or privacy.

Data Storage

All applications are stored in the database by default. To stop this from happening go to the Application Form settings and uncheck the Data Storage option.

Applicants can consent to their data being stored. To enable this option check the ‘Consent Checkbox’ form field.

You can also use the Terms and Conditions option to explain what you do with their data.


The autoresponder sends a thank you message to the applicant. There are a number of options you can use here to manage privacy and personal data.


Adding the [subscribe] shortcode to the autoresponder message allows the recipient to confirm their email address. This is to help prevent malicious applications. Until they confirm their email address their application will display as pending.

The notification checkbox is used to block notifications of an application until the email address is confirmed.


Adding the [unsubscribe] shortcode to the autoresponder message allows the recipient to remove all data from the database. You will not receive any notification that they have done so,

Confirmation messages

If the email recipient subscribes or unsubscribes they will be taken to a page where a confirmation message displays. Add the URL of this page to the autoresponder settings. Add the [qis-subscribe] shortcode to this page to display the appropriate confirmation message.

The last three fields on the settings are the messages that display on the confirmation page.


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