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Testing Results

I asked some questions about the site on usertesting.com to get a feel for what people thought about the new site (something have now been changed). Here is a summary of the results:

Does the page give enough information for you to decide if this plugin delivers what you need?
170 said Yes or variants thereof. So off to a good start.

If you needed more information or wanted to ask a question would you fill in the form or add a commet?
13 wouldn’t. The rest was split between the form and the comments. A number suggestion the comment form title wasn’t right. The 13 who wouldn’t noted that they would just go look for another plugin.

How important to you is the design of a plugin support site?
A right mix of answers on this one.  A good number said it was important but didn’t say if this site was OK. So maybe I worded the question wrong. A number suggested it aids credibility and others said it was the content what matters. It scored 8/10 from one reviewer and 5/10 from another.

Would you prefer bright colours or are you OK with the blues and greys?
122 liked the colours with a few comments about a background and buttons instead of links. The rest wanted brighter colours. Some weren’t sure if you could change form colours.

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