New Features

The following features will be included in the next update:

  • Fixes PHP warning
  • Zero interest option
  • Fixes incorrect currency in emails

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Reply to Marv

  1. Mauricio Prada said:

    Is it possible to have a client area, where you can check the credit history and the account status?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mauricio,
      Where would you get the credit history and account status data? The plugin doesn’t contect with credit checking agencies or hold and payment records. It’s possible to build a client area but you would have to manually populated the tables.

  2. Marv said:

    Yes please contact me so I will send you precise table in word, what we need, and some explanation, so you can give precise quote.

  3. Marv said:

    I have a question that maybe not fully understand. If I use dropdown or radio button selector for credit type, it says in your images above that it will negate settings in interest rates and triggers. I have 3 types of loans. Basic interest rate is same for all, but the processing fee is different depending on loan amount. I planed to use secondary interest rates where I will put basic interest+adm.fee as separate interest rates triggered by amount.
    But when I saw dropdown and/or radio button images it seams it wouldn’t work that way.
    What is your thinking. Can it be done somehow. I like it to look something like this but with conditions I mentioned earlyer. So every loan has same interest rate, but also has several adm.fee %, depending on loan amount. So Loan1 will have ex.2%+(0.5,0.6,0.7%) depending on cutoff value of amount, Loan2 will have also 2%+(0.9,0.8,0.6%) … and so on.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Marv,
      I understand what you are trying to do but it’s not possible with the standard plugin. The Caracu version was developed for a particular client. I can do the same for you and include variable admin fees. I can send you an email with a proposal if you want.

  4. Victor said:

    Hello the plugin makes an incredible function, I like it very much.

    How can I put the simulators 2,3,4,5 in the new version?

    I put the shortcode [qis 2] but I don’t know if it’s the right one because it shows me the simulator number 1.


    • Graham said:

      Hi Victor,
      Do it like this: [qis calculator=two]

  5. Brett said:

    Very nice work!

    How can I add another field to the short application form? We need a personal identification number field for a bit validation before processing.



  6. William gardner said:


    Great I can provide this no problem – where you I send to?

    It’s not a huge table.



  7. William gardner said:


    I’ve bought the pro version and may need some custom work unless it can already be done.

    I need to be able to calculate the interest rate based on Period (time) and Amount, rather than just Period or Amount.

    Can you let me know if this can be done either myself or by you. Happy to pay if needed.



    • Graham said:

      Hi William
      It’s possible in theory but it would need a look up table table to get all possible combinations of amount and term. If you can put together spreadsheet showing the rates for each amount and term then I can work out how to do the calculations.

  8. christy said:

    How do i make the form look like I bought it because of their form settings.

    • Graham said:

      You can do this in the theme customizer using the Additional CSS feature

  9. mike said:

    are you still available for custom work ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Mike,
      Yes I am. What do you need doing?

  10. Nnamdi Wakwe said:

    How do I upgrade? Where do I pay?

    • Graham said:

      Got to the plugin settings and click on the ‘Upgrade’ tab.

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