Loan repayment form examples

The Simple Output

Displays repayment information and interest and totals to pay.

£10000     £30000
1 year     36 years
Your repayments will be every month. Interest to pay is at
Total you will Pay:

Interest Slider

An option in the pro version, it adds an interest slider so you can check repayments at different interest rates. If you want this now contact me.

£10000     £30000
1 year     36 years
1%     5%
Interest rate is . Interest payable is . Your repayments will be every month
Total you will Pay:

Interest Selector

Another option in the pro version, it adds an interest selector with alternate interest rates.

£10000     £30000
1 year     36 years
  • Select Interest Rate:
Interest rate is . Interest payable is . Your repayments will be every month
Total you will Pay:


Add buttons on the sliders so people can change the values. Ideal for touchscreens

£10000 £30000
1 year 36 years
Total you will Pay:

Step Markers

Show step markers on slider. Small steps will mean lots of marker lines. Use with caution.

£2000     £3000
Interest rate is . Interest payable is . Total to pay is
Total you will Pay:

Processing Fees

Add a processing fee before or after after interest is calculated.

£10000     £30000
fee added after interest of
Total you will Pay:


Another pro-option, you can now add tooltips to help the lost and bewildered.

I want to borrow this much:
Would you like tooltips like these on your site? Just ask and they will be delivered with great haste
£10000     £30000
And pay it back over this period:
This is a test to demonstrate the tooltip for the term slider
1 year     36 years
Your repayments will be every month at
This is a test to demonstrate the tooltip for the output content
Total you will Pay:

Apply for this Loan

Application Button

This one has the apply now button that links you to a new page (where you can make presumably make an application). This option is only in the pro-version.

£1000     £100000
1 year     36 years
Total you will Pay:

Currency Switching

An option to display alternate currencies on the form. This a pro-version feature along with FX calculations.

Application form

This is pro-option. Click here to see the Application Form Demo.

Amortization and Annuity Calculations

Pro users also have the option to calculate repayments using the amortization or annuity formula.

Bespoke Versions

There are a number of bespoke versions of the plugin I’ve created for clients. Here are some of them.

Interest Calculations

The plugin uses a range of standard formula for interest and repayment calculations. The formulae and examples are all given here.

If you want something else get in contact using the form on the support page or in the comments below

Add your comment

  1. Herbert said:

    This is quite good and lovely plugin.

    How can I get this settings below with monthly and total amount to pay

    Your repayments will be £349.33 each month
    Interest to pay: £960.00
    Total to Pay: £20960.00

    • Graham said:

      If the loan is over a number of years and repayments are in months you need to use the Repayment Divider I’ve added to This Version of the plugin. If it works let me know and I’ll upload to the plugin repository.

      • Herbert said:

        Dear Graham
        Can this plugin achieve the result of as this:
        Borrowing ₦200,000.00 for 3 months requires a monthly repayment of ₦77,861.00
        this is from
        I will be glad if it be done.

        • Graham said:

          That should all work but I don’t now how the got the figure of 77,861.

      • Alex said:

        Hi there,
        great WP-plugin u made, thank you! really nice, like it a lot )

        I downloaded that version with ‘divider’, its better but I still have a couple of questions if that’s Ok?
        -first, I found an “Upgrade to Pro” button -> gives you a form to add – sounds awesome, but the link doesn’t seems to work? leads to an empty page inside WP panel. Is it operational to get Pro version, can you fix it? I’m interested to acquire that.

        -in your plugin you use Currency ($) in front of a Amount, but I need Currency symbol to be placed after Amount. Is it possible to do so and how?

        -how can I make Interest value changing while changing/dragging repayment Slider?
        right now it simply showing Total interest over a period, but I need Interest changing if I choose 6 months or 12 months (total interest per year is the same of course)

        Really appreciate your answers!

        • Graham said:

          Just emailed you a new version where the upgrade button works properly. And it gives you the option to put the currency symbol after. There is also the option to display the interest below the slider. In fact all sorts of options. If you really want to go to town you can get a bespoke version a bit like this one I built for a client: Move the bottom slider to see all sorts of magic happen.

  2. Herbert said:

    Dear Graham
    Thanks so much I use the divider but it gives worry figure for monthly payment.

  3. Banks said:

    Good day, Please how do i set up the repayment table and the banks comparison table from the free plug in version? Also what if the user needs to input the user name by themselves from the front end?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Banks,
      The bank comparison is a bespoke version for a client in Norway. I you want something similar I can build it for you. But I can’t do it for free as there is a lot of work involved. Not sure what you mean by inputting the user name.

  4. Steven said:

    Is there a way for the user to change the interest rate, possibly via a slider?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Stephen,
      I built a version for a client that had an interest slider:

      I have thought about adding it to the pro version but it’s a lot of work as it will negate all the interest triggers and make doing the repayment calculations a real pain. But if it’s something you really want we may be able to sort something out.

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