A feature filled WordPress interest calculator

Actual Percentages

A shortcode feature that lets you calculate a percentage of the principle so you can display outputs like this:

$10,000 $30,000
1 year36 years
Advanced to you now (90%): <br /> Paid to you when invoice is paid (8.3%): <br /> Total received by you (98.3%): <br /> Total fees due when invoice is paid (1.7%):
Total you will Pay:

The shortcode you need on the page is: [qis percentages="90,8.3,98.3,1.7"]

To display the calculated amounts use these shortcodes in the repayment terms editor:

90% = [percentages1] 8.3% = [percentages2] 98.3% = [percentages3] 1.7% = [percentages4]

There is no limit on the number of percentages you use.