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A number of people have have asked me to build a version of the plugin to do comparisons. I have risen to the challenge and bolted together a whole load of features from various bespoke versions to end up this:

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The filters, sorting, number of offers and bank rating are included in the Premium Version.

Click here to visit the loan comparison plugin site.

If you want a version with an application form click here.

Need help? Ask here

  1. Me said:

    OK, now I get it. If it will not run on xx version of PHP you can update it for a fee,
    or they can do it themselves. Makes perfect sense, just had to make it clear the difference vs the main plugin.

  2. Me said:

    Yeah but they need to be updated x years from now when PHP7 will not be secure. In other words, these special versions are they updated regularly like the main plugin to work (not features)?

    • Graham said:

      There is no security issues in the plugins that would be affected by PHP updates. They are bespoke, built for clients to their specifications. If they want support then they can ask for it. If they want to do their own updating that’s also fine. It’s no different to clients with custom themes and other addons and extensions.

  3. Me said:

    So Graham, these bespoke versions at some point cannot be run on php /wordpress without custom updates because of version changes.

    • Graham said:

      Not sure what you are asking. The bespoke version will all still work with WP updates and they have all been tested with PHP7.

  4. Dani said:


    Pleace send me this plugin

    I bought the plugin from you a few days ago but I took the wrong one
    Transactiereferentie: 4DL9833230528921W
    you can send the plugin to my email

    Thank you

  5. Dani said:


    I bought the plugin a few days ago
    but now a few days later I see an update version on your website
    I can also get the update version from you
    Transactiereferentie: 4DL9833230528921W
    pleace send it to my email

    Thank you

    • Graham said:

      It’s not an update it’s a different plugin. The way they work isn’t the same so you can’t upgrade the one you have with the new plugin. If I send you the new plugin all your settings will disappear.

  6. Jade said:

    Hi. Is there an option on your Application Form to allow applicants to upload images and docs? (eg. supporting documents and photo ID)

    • Graham said:

      Hi Jade,
      It’s not an option on the initial application form but if you enable the full application option you can gather a whole load of data and let people upload documents. To see all the options click on the ‘Full Application’ tab. If this isn’t going to work for you I could add a new field to the initial application form.

  7. Edwin said:

    I have just paid $60 via PayPal. Please send as soon as possible. Thanks

  8. Dani said:

    I just made the payment for the plugin

    But I do not see where I can download the plug-in
    Transactiereferentie: 4DL9833230528921W

    Can you send the plugin to the email address below.
    ( )

    Thank you

    • Graham said:

      Check your email. I’ve sent you the download link.

  9. Dani said:

    I would like to buy the plugin from you
    Where can I pay

    how expensive does this plugin cost link below

    • Graham said:

      I’ve sent you an email

  10. Edwin said:

    Yes please, Graham. Please send the application form

    • Graham said:

      You pay me first. The options are given above.

  11. Edwin said:

    I want to buy this plugin. I have a question though, can I use this plugin to configure different comparison services on my website e.g loans, insurance, mortgages etc or once I use it for loan comparisons that’s it? You can check my website to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Thanks.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Edwin,
      This version only has one table of results. If you want to have multiple configurations for different services I’d have to edit the plugin or I could sell you one of the many custom versions I’ve built – all of which have options for up to 10 different comparisons. Will you want the application form?

  12. fabricio said:

    Plugin de Comparação
    Várias pessoas me pediram para construir uma versão do plugin para fazer comparações. Eu enfrentei o desafio e juntei uma grande quantidade de recursos de várias versões sob medida para acabar com isso.

    Isso não está incluído na versão pro do plugin principal, é um empreendimento separado. Veja as opções de compra abaixo.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Fabricio,
      Você quer este plugin?

  13. Shubham Chauhan said:

    Also, I want to know, we bought Repayment Calculator and Loan Application Form plugin Pro version, how can I connect that plugin to Comparison Plugin.

    • Graham said:

      There is no connection between the two. There are a lot of common features but they are separate plugins.

  14. Shubham Chauhan said:

    Where is shortcode of this plugin I want to use this but how? The page for shortcode is showing blank inside the setting.

    • Graham said:

      I’ve just seen the bug. There are no shortcode options – I need to delete the link. The only shortcode you need is [comparia]

  15. aashutosh pandey said:

    Where is shortcode of this plugin i want to use this but i do not understand how?

    • Graham said:

      I can’t find your payment details. When did you pay for the plugin?

  16. Petri said:


    I want to buy this plugin.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Petri,
      Send the money to my PayPal account: mail at The prices are given above.

  17. Shubham Chauhan said:


    I have paid you $60 for the plugin yesterday.

    I’m still waiting for the plugin.

    Thank you.

    • Graham said:

      I emailed you the link on 12/09/2018 at 06:54 (UK time). Check your gmail junk folder.

  18. Shubham said:


    I want to buy this plugin. $60/£45

    Tell me how It’s urgent.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Shubham,
      Send the money to my PayPal account (mail at and I’ll send you the plugin.

  19. aashutosh pandey said:

    i want this plugin

    • Graham said:

      Hi Aashutosh,
      Send the money to my PayPal account (mail at and I’ll send you the plugin.

  20. Szymon said:

    Can you make to us a plugin comparsion like that?

    How much it will be cost?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Szymon.
      That just looks like a table of data. It’s not really comparing anything. If you want me to build a plugin that creates the table I can do this. The cost depends on how much control you need. For example, will you want to sort the banks?

  21. Anh Binh said:

    I would like to translate the tool to my local language. Do you support this?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Anh,
      Which tool? Do you mean the comparison plugin or the repayment plugin?

  22. Rainer said:


    I am interested about this plugin.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Rainer,

      I’ve sent you an email

  23. Raj said:

    Hi, I already have bought the pro version and wanted to go with comparison add on. Could you please tell me the steps ?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Raj,
      The comparison plugin is a different plugin. It’s not an add on. If you want the comparison plugin the prices are detailed on the page above. If you want options 3 or 4 I can give you a discount to offset the money you paid for the pro-version of QIS.

  24. Alexander Johnson said:

    Hi Graham,

    I would like to buy this plugin. I have commented once before but I wasn’t fully finisjed with my website.
    I don’t remember how to go through the steps to buy this plugin. Could you send me a mail about how to send you the money specifically for this plugin?

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alexander,
      I’ve sent you an email.

  25. MK said:

    Hi Graham,

    Just try the plugin. Missing monthly repayments, apply box, and application form. Also no filter options to enable as above picture show.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

    • Graham said:

      I’ve sent you an email

  26. MK said:

    Hi Graham,

    It’s good! I would like to purchase it, how is the process?


    • Graham said:

      I’ve just sent you an email

  27. MK said:

    Hi Graham,

    I would like to purchase your multi lender comparison plugin, option 1.

    Does your plugin can change the name of top column, example from Loan Period to Lock In Period?

    • Graham said:

      Hi MK,
      You can change all the labels and settings. Most of them are in the ‘options.php’ file. The others can easily be replaced by doing a search and replace using your code editor.

  28. Alexander Johnson said:

    I want option 1. How’s the process by the way? Is it so, If I send the money, you’ll send zip folder with the plugin in it?

    • Graham said:

      That’s correct. When the money arrives I send you a download link.

  29. Alexander Johnson said:

    Hey, I would like to purchase your plugin.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Alexander,
      Which option do you want? I’ve sent you an email with details on how to make a payment.

  30. Tamas Verdes said:

    Hello, I would like to purchase your plugin. The question if it is possible to add a third interest rate period filter to the fields above the list. Please let me know if possible and let me know which version suits in this case.

    • Graham said:

      Hi Tamas,
      Adding a third slider isn’t too difficult. I will send you an email with a quote.

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